Accessing a netwrok share with no password from a Vista Machine

We have a network photocopier/scanner that has shared internal hard drive that users can access to retrieve scanned files. At present it is not password protected.

All users can access this apart from one who is running vista. When he tries to connect he gets the following error:

"The Account Is Not Authorized to Login from This Station"

Is there anyway I can get the Vista machine to connect with no password or will i have to put a password on the share?
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Jackie ManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are using Vista Business or above, try the following:-

1. Launch Local Security Policy by running secpol.msc command.

2. Under "Local Policies" -> "Security Options", double click  "Network access, Restrict anonymous access to named pipes and shares" and disable that policy.

3. Restart Vista and try to access the network share again.

A screenshot is attached for your easy reference.
Take a look a this KB
And try this workaround
1. This seems to be a known issue with IE7's Enhanced Security Settings.
Please try the following steps:

a. Open Control Panel on your Windows 2003 server, went to Add/Remove
Programs->Add/Remove Windows Components

b. Uninstall Internet Explorer Enhanced Security by unchecking the same.

c. Restarted IE 7.

d. Test this issue.


2. If the issue persists or IE 7 is not install on win 2003 server, please
change the value from (3) to (0) in the following keys on windows 2003

Let me know your results.
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