Outlook 2007 HTMTL messages slowness


laptop workstation XP SP3, Outlook 2007.
Whenever forwarding/opening HTML messages that has a few pictures in the contents, outlook freezes up for a few minutes and sometimes needs to be closed.

When opening HTML MSG and choosing "Other Actions" > "VIew In Browser" it displays fine, after I close the browser window and open the msg in outlook again it opens fine as well.

How do I fix this problem of HTML loading in Outlook for all msgs? Is there some Top-level setting for this? If I remember correctly, outlook uses WORD engine to process HTML and when u tell it to use the browser instead it works fine.

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iNc0gConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Problem solved:
Tools > Trust Center > Automatic Download:

Lacretta IncorvaiaCommented:
Good Morning,

Unfortunately, Microsoft kind of dropped the ball when they decided not to use the browser to render HTML images in Outlook '07 :-(.  In any case, what antivirus/security suite software are you running?  Try disabling it and then viewing the affected emails.  Also, does this occur on a different machine or profile?

iNc0gAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately I didnt have the ability to further investigate this issue since the user using the laptop is often busy.

I rather "freeze" / close this question and reopen it / open a new one if/when it'll be relevant again.
Lacretta IncorvaiaCommented:
Ok, sounds good.  Thanks for following up!

Take care,
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