How Do I Mirror Text

I would like to mirror text. I would like the text to appear as it would in a mirror.

I do not want to know how to reverse the order of the text.

I am using Linux. Ideally I would like this to work in the terminal or a web browser.

I am different to the programming language or technique employed as long as the solution works on a Linux box or in a web browser.

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hemmiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's funny. You write:
"I do not want to know how to reverse the order of the text."
And y_dub tells you how to reverse the order of the text ...

You can use the X server to mirror. Use the command
to mirror the screen.

Type xrandr by itself to see the name of the output screen you want to mirror.
E.g. in case the screen is DVI-0
xrandr --output DVI-0 --reflect x
This will horizontally mirror.
See man xrandr for other mirror options.

xrandr --output DVI-0 --reflect normal
to put it back to normal.
You can use python to do this:

echo 'toydi deified idiot' | python -c "print raw_input()[::-1]"

geldfeldAuthor Commented:
- The command did as you had described. Thank you. To get the right output name one needs to type xrandr -q.
- This provides a list of output names which are different from computer to computer.

Is there way to obtain the reverse text effect without flipping every pixel in the scren. Previous solutions I have seen have involved Visual Basic and a font with the mirrored characters.  Is there a way to do this in Linux with the following constraints.

1.  Not have to require QT,GTK toolkits. These toolkits provide means to mirror objects inclouding text.

2. Using any of the scripting languages:  Perl, Python or Ruby and again without using the GUI.
Your problem condenses into the existence of mirrored fonts that you could use for some text terminal application.
You could install a mirrored font:
Make a text termanl use that font and display the text backward.

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