Converting mp4 and flv video to trp

Recently took delivery of a Teac HDVR845 set top box with usb pvr.

I am wanting to convert .flv and .mp4 files to the .trp format, which the Teac unit recognises.

I am wanting to convert my .flv and .mp4 files from the internet to a format which I am able to play on the Teac unit.

I have found many different converters which will convert .trp files to other formats. But not the other direction.

A freeware program would be great...any ideas?

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Look into VLC and MediaCoder.
dovedoveAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.

VLC, as in VLC Media Player? I do use this program but am not aware it can be used as a conversion program.

I will check out Mediacoder....
Also Format Factory.
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dovedoveAuthor Commented:
I downloaded and installed Mediacoder, but can not see how to convert to trp. The home page lists file types supported, but trp is not listed.

I have looked at the site for Format Factory, but the trp file type is not listed as being supported.
dovedoveAuthor Commented:
Have done a lot of reading on the net and have worked out that I need three files for the set top box to recognise for playback

If I do a recording at the set top box, these files are created in their own folder and then used for play back.

The files are: .idx .ifo and .trp

However, I am unable to find a program or process which will create these three files from an flv or mp4 file.

Any ideas?
dovedoveAuthor Commented:
After searching the net for many days and lots of hours and trying several different things, I have now worked out how to do the conversion process.

I have tested a few files and the videos play satisfactory on my set top box usb/pvr.

I will undertake the conversion process on many more files and then get back with an update and the process which I am using.
dovedoveAuthor Commented:
Instructions for conversion of flv and mp4 input files:

1. Transcode the flv or mp4 file to .ts using the free QUICKMEDIA CONVERTER, using the "easy" setting.
Select <TS> button from the conversion formats towards the of the screen.
Select <Dreambox, Freebox TS 4:3>
Select <Start Conversion> button towards the bottom of the screen.

(In addition, Super Converter and Oxelon Media Converter lists a <TS> conversion option. Super Converter lists a <TS>
conversion option and will also allow for a higher quality conversion options.)

2. Run ct movie maker software.

First field is location of the .ts file to be worked with (select the first button).

Second field location of the folder where the saved files will be placed (select second button).

The third field is the name of the saved files (Third button is not used).

Press the <Erstellen> button to process the files.

A folder will be created with three files, .idx, .ifo and .trp

3. Copy the folder with the three files in it to the usb, which is used by the Teac set top box.

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