sql server compatibility level

Current my sql server version is 2005 (Dev Edition). In this server 5 user databases are there. In that 4 user database compatibility level is 90 that is Sql 2005.One user database compatibility level is 80 that is sql 2000.

My question is:
1. changing compatibility level 80 to 90, is there any impact on database?
2. Is there any advantages by changing 80 to 90 ?
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RiteshShahConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Changing  compatability level to 90 will enable you to use many new features of  SQL 2005 like PIVOT,APPLY,etc. The compatability level of 80 corresponds  to SQL 2000.
The disadvantages are any code which uses features that  is not supported by SQL 2005 will break (like use of join syntax  *=,=*,...) and also some of features of 2000 which is not supported by  2005.
For detailed info on differences in behaviour refer this



srinivas_ganamurAuthor Commented:
Can you give me some more articles/links. that is "some of features of 2000 which is not supported by  2005 (TSQL features, DBA level features)".

I want to compare both sql 2000 and sql 2005 compatibility level features.
RiteshShahConnect With a Mentor Commented:
all major stuff were already given. there are lots of changes between SQL Server 2000 and 2005 but you are looking for only those stuff which affect compatibility level, if you don't change it in SQL Server 2005 after restoring sql server 2000's DB
srinivas_ganamurAuthor Commented:
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