Whats the best way to pass values between web forms?

Hello All
What are peoples preferred methods for passing variables and values between web forms in ASP.NET and C# code behind?
Thanks to All
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Depends on the situation, you can either use the querystring, crosspage posting, or session/application variables. Look at the following link for some more explanation and samples:


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Richard LeeSoftware EnthusiastCommented:
There are several ways to pass values between pages:

1. Session (per user)
2. Post values to the new page (per request)
3. Use Application Cache (per application - shared between all users)

see this link ... lists all the possibilities


NB: Cannot say the best method unless you tell your scenario
Puds32Author Commented:
I'm new to this webapp lark so expect many more questions! The data I want to pass is sensitive so pprobably wont use the POST method.
Thanks to all
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