F-secure exchange removal issue

WE have recently removed f-secure from the exchange server and domain controller. (windows 2008 DC and Exchange 2007).  I then installed AVG professional.  This caused many problems with the Domain controller after bootup - the problems consisted of a grey screen with a mouse cursor,  the domain controller would not boot and would stay in this state.  I then discovered that Registry kets are left in via F-secure,  After some research I found the keys and removed them.  This has solved the Domain controller issue.  However the Exchange server still tends to have this issue but less frequently (about 2-3 days).  the only cure is reboot, which is not acceptable.  Does anyone know which additonal keys are left when the exchange snap-ins for f-secure are removed?  or what else could be causing this issue?


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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Many AV tools don't properly uninstall if you use the standard uninstall feature supplied either directly through the app or via add/remove software. For this reason most manufacturer's of these tools provide a separate removal utility you can download from their site, at least Symantec and Avast! have such removal tools. It is very likely f-secure has such a tool too, so I advise you to visit their site and look for such a tool, download and run it (check the instructions, often it has to be run in safe-mode).
ProssperoAuthor Commented:
No server removal too - only one for the clients

Had to go through the Registry, now working fine

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