Bandwidth shaping and accounting in linux with radius

Hello All,

I currently have a radius server running and I would like to enable bandwidth shaping and accounting using a linux server as a gateway.  I've researched for solutions online but not found exactly what I'm after.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?  This setup would be similar to what is required by and ISP.

As far as I know so far, I would use IPTables to control routing and possible qdisc for shaping?  But I have no idea how I could enable shaping depend on the client or using Radius in conjunection with the server for authentication and accounting.

The preferred flavour of linux would be Ubuntu server but open to suggestion.

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Monis MontherSystem ArchitectCommented:
To do traffic shapping us a package called TC  (traffic control), I am not sure if it integrates with RADIUS, but I have used it to do traffic shapping for both ingress and egress, and limit bandwidth per IP or Net

This is a good how to


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Anubis2005Author Commented:
Hi small_student;

The reason I was wanting to use Radius was that we have a database of users (MS-SQL) which I want to authenticate users against and also collect accounting information on how much users are uploading and downloading.

I'll have a look over that link but still looking for something that more specifically covers my requirements.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Anubis2005Author Commented:
This problem was solved with the help of Perl, many CPAN modules, IPTABLES and TC.
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