Infopath 2007 Programming code behind, FormEvents_Loading

I am trying to disable a button, if a user opens a form.  The button is an approval button and it can only be enabled if the Manager opens the form. So I have a field that contains Username() to a field with a default value that gets populated when the user click insert on the Manager information.  This fields default is the FirstName.Lastname of manager.  I want to compare the Username() to this and if it matches enable the approve button, and do this on the formload.  I have tried a bunch of different things and cannot get this to work.

 I have not used coding in years and I am very rusty, and the knowledge I have is limited with C#.  So any help would be appreciated.
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daniberesAuthor Commented:
I am closing this I figured it out myself, just added this comparison in and placed in an if statement to only run if Mgr Name is not null.

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