Installing IE8 in a Domain Environment


I would like to deploy IE8 to all users in the company.

IE8 has many questions and prompts when you first install & run it.

I could really use some help on how to accomplish this silently.

This is what I have done/planned so far:

- Installed IEAK and configured the custom IE8 package
- I have the folder containing the .MSI and .EXE files on a network share

That's as far as I have gotten.
Even when I run the .EXE or .MSI file on a local computer I am prompted to accept the license agreement along with a bunch of other questions regarding accelerators, compatibility view updates and such.

I don't want users to have to choose these options.  I would like them built in to the install if possible.

I am not too concerned about HOW I will deploy the package yet.  My main concern is how to configure ALL necessary options beforehand.

Any ideas?
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johnb6767Connect With a Mentor Commented:
How to Disable Internet Explorer 8 Welcome Screen (Tour and RunOnce) for All Users

Similar question asked yesterday....

Link was my accepted answer...

Does that cover what you need?
Daniel Van Der WerkenIndependent ConsultantCommented:
I think you need to be dealing with command-line options at this point.  I have not dealt with the IEAK since it's IE 6.0 incarnation, but I spent a great deal of time working with IEAK built EXE's in the past and what you want to do is pretty much done via a command-line installation.

Get the help file out or whatever documentation you have now and find out how to do administrative installations in quite mode, etc.  These questions/needs you have are fairly common issues that should be resolved.  Sorry I can't be of more use but I don't have the IEAK installed (and can't) on this particular computer as I no longer even have admin access to my own work machine.  
homerslmpsonAuthor Commented:

The link you provided was pretty helpful.

I think we will be going in the direction of a group policy but the site you listed didn't have the .ADM file needed.

I had to look elsewhere for it.
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