Save query results on SQL Manager Lite


I´m using SQL Manager 2008 Lite and it shows the query results in a grid.
How do I save this grid or copy it to ClipBoard?

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Nguyen Huu PhuocSenior ManagerCommented:
Which grid do you use here?
You can iterate through over the grid and read the content of cells by cells and save value of cells to a strings which has your own format. After that you save this string to clipboard.When you read string from clipboard you parse it using your format and populate again the grid.
Hop it help you.
danival_lucasAuthor Commented:
No, I'm not building an application, I'm using SQL Manager 2008 Lite to access the database.
And using "SQL Editor" to run a query.
The query results appear on the grid below.
I need to know how to export these results to a file, or copy it to ClipBoard.

but anyway thanks for your reply.
Nguyen Huu PhuocSenior ManagerCommented:
Oh now I understand what you want.
I cannot help you.
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Refer to this to see what is possible and what is not in Lite:

EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server

It contains links of features for various versions. Particularly search for "paste cell".
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Is this a once-off task or a recurring job ?

I am not overly familiar with the EMS products, but could always download the "free" / "lite" version if needed.

There is also the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) for Express which is also free and you can simply select, copy and paste from that. Most of these tools however do have one small problem that they do not contain the column headers unless you output as a text / report type file. Fine if there are only a few columns, not so great if there are lots...

For "ongoing" exports, normally create some SQL script and use one of the MS SQL utilities such as BCP to create the output file. If "Lite" does allow you to type in your own T-SQL code, then the BCP utility might also be worth considering.

There is also the export tools from EMS - but might not be part of the "free" version. You might also need to create your query as a procedure, or maybe a view to simplify the export process.

If you can describe a bit more about your query and output requirement, we can probably suggest a few other things.
Steve BinkCommented:
I use EMS' MySQL products, and IIRC, the feature you want is not included in the free/trial version.

I recommend mark_wills suggestion - SSMS.  It does have the feature you want, is free, and is designed by the same people who created MSSQL.


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danival_lucasAuthor Commented:
I'm not using MS SQL Server.
I'm working with firebird.
I've posted on the firebird zone but no one answered the question there so the moderator put it on other zones.
But anyway thank you guys for your attention.
So the free version doesn't have this feature... I'll try another free tool.
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