USB Device detection


can anybody say me how i detect an usb-device without DBT_DEVICEARRIVAL, because i have no WindowHandle?

I use VS2005 - C++

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If you don't have a window handle, just set up a dummy window to receive the notifications as demonstrated in ("Registering for Device Notification"). The only other option is to use a service, sorry.
TauliAuthor Commented:
oh i use a service. how i detect it with a service? i can't use windowhandles, because interaction with the desktop is not allowed. it must be work without userlogon...
TauliAuthor Commented:
in addition... it's a raw-communication over USB and the prog interact with mobile-devices. now it must be run as a service. the service exists, the raw-interface exist, both working fine - my last task is combine both parts...
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If you have a service, just call 'RegisterDeviceNotification()' ( providing your service's handle and th appropriate flag, e.g. like below. More at ("Receiving Device Event Notification in Windows Service")

    ZeroMemory( &NotificationFilter, sizeof(NotificationFilter) );
    NotificationFilter.dbcc_size = sizeof(DEV_BROADCAST_DEVICEINTERFACE);
    NotificationFilter.dbcc_devicetype = DBT_DEVTYP_DEVICEINTERFACE;
    NotificationFilter.dbcc_classguid = InterfaceClassGuid;

    *hDeviceNotify = RegisterDeviceNotification( 
        hSvc,                        // events recipient - handle of your service
        &NotificationFilter,         // type of device
        DEVICE_NOTIFY_SERVICE_HANDLE // type of recipient handle

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TauliAuthor Commented:
very fine... thx
TauliAuthor Commented:
no comment - all very fine
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