NVidia Graphics Driver - Fujitsu Laptop Motherboard Replacement


A customer had a Fujitsu E8410 laptop that needed a new motherboard. I ordered a new board and replaced it. The new board has an Nvidia chip on it. the old board did not. Unfortunately I cannot get the darned thing to work. I downloaded the Nvidia driver from Fujitsu's site and the computer instantly reverted to 8 bit 16 color mode and I could not get it to change. I uninstalled the driver and it go better, but there is now no video driver on the machine

Every Nvidia driver I try says that the hardware does not match. I believe that it is an Nvidia geforce 8400 M G. but when I try to install a driver for it it says that the hardware is not installed. Is there any generic driver that I can use for this? OR does anyone know any tricks to resolving this?
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In the device manager, right click on the display adapter and select properties.
Then select the "Details" tab
Use Ctrl+c to copy the device instance ID string.
Then paste it (Ctrl+v) in your reply.
TheDeskDoctorsAuthor Commented:

Thanks for responding.

here is the string you requested:

The Nvidia Video driver here should be the right one.
If it wont install using setup, then try it manually
In the Hardware Update Wizard tick No, not this time then next.
Then select Install from a list ......... then Next
Select Don't search ............. then Next
Then click Have Disk then Browse to the folder that you extracted the files to and locate the .inf file.
After continuing from there it might ask for .sys, .dll or .exe file locations. Again, just Browse to the folder that you extracted the files to and locate the needed file.
I am not great with instructions so if anything is not clear, just ask.

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The link doesn't work but the driver is V7.15.11.0128 55.4 MB
TheDeskDoctorsAuthor Commented:
That is a vista driver, should I try it on XP anyway?
TheDeskDoctorsAuthor Commented:
ok, I installed the vista driver and it did not work. I then manually installed the xp driver and the display is locked in 800 x 600 in 4 bit mode. It pulled the 8400 m g driver.
Sorry, I didn't notice you needed it  for XP. Try this one.

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TheDeskDoctorsAuthor Commented:
Ok, that did it. I could not get the instalation to work, even the manual one. I copied the files over myself, rebooted, said a little prair and sure enough it worked. The display is still trying to install but I told it not to try it anymore. i have full control of the control panel settings and the screen scrolls normally.
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