Apple OS X Snow Leopard and WIKI problem using IE

When I update my wiki's on Snow Leopard using IE 7 or 8, sometimes I cannot create a URL link or start a new page.  The pulldown is not appearing. It does not happen often.  I tried disabling the IE Popup and still no page.   The WIKI  has no issues in Firefox.
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IE hasn't been supported on the Mac platform for years. I suggest you stop using it and switch to Firefox or Safari.
Well, since Apple state that IE7+8 is supported, that would be a wrong answer.. ;-)

-------------- (
Wiki Server
Interacting with Wiki Server requires a modern web browser such as:

Safari 3 or 4 (Mac OS X, Windows)
Safari (iPhone, iPod touch)
Internet Explorer 7 or 8
Firefox 3

But then again, IE is not that standards complient, so as Strung suggest, move to a better browser would help.

The Edit options you refer to is all using DIV's that are set visible or hidden, so I would think IE is not acting right to all the DIV change requests via JavaScript...

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Shouldn't this and the other posts re WIKI server be in the OS X Server forum?
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