Crystal reportx XI - vertical alignment of text in textbox


I am using crystal XI. Is there a way to set vertical alignment of text in textbox?
I have a textbox where three lines can fit in. I want the text aligned to the bottom of the text box.
Is there a way to do it?
I see the horizontal alignment option . but couldn't find anyhting for vertical alignment.

Thank you,
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this

Use this formula for the field
If Length({YourField} <= 30 then
   chr(13) & chr(13) & {YourField}
else If Length({YourField} <= 60 then
   chr(13) & {YourField}

I used 30, you need to determine how wide the field is on the screen.
Set the field height to be 3 lines tall.
Set it to NOT GROW

did you try with text rotation ?
right click on field >format field > on "common" tab  Use text rotation 90 degrees
srisidAuthor Commented:
Thank you. yeah I tried that. But that actuall rotates the text. I dont want the text to be rotated. I need to just keep the text aligned to the bottom of the text box.
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shivkasiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
then work around is :

1.write a formula
chr(13) + "type your text/ insert your field"

2. Insert on the report and extend or check the option - can grow
srisidAuthor Commented:
I wrote the formula as you said and then inserted it on the report and extended it.

it moved the text a little bit down in the textbox . but didnt move the text all the way down.

Also I was searching on net and found something like alignment constants --> crBottomAligned - Align to the bottom. can we use that in any way? I am not sure how to use these constants.

Thanks for all your help
There is no way in Crystal to force text to the bottom of the field.

THe workaround mentioned is really the only way to do it.

Will the text sometimes have more than 1 line?

srisidAuthor Commented:
yeah, the text can be multiple line. The max length of text could go upto three lines
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