HP Printers not working in Windows 7

Hi All,

Getting really quite stressed here.
We have deployed around 20 Windows 7 PC's on the network.
It would seem that HP do not support Windows 7 for printer drivers for the 8150n and 4250n and as such i am having to use the UPD with erratic results, one printer, the 8150, prints fine in A4 but will take over 10 minutes to print anything out in A3, the 4250 will print everything from tray 3 despite the user selecting tray 2, i have used the UPD config tool to specify shortcuts for the trays but this doesnt always seem to work.  Another printer, a 1320n prints fine for 3 users but wont for 2 other and they have the same UPD version etc.
Has anyone else had any success or does anyone have any suggestions?
I used to be a big lover of HP but recent experiences have made me feel that they cannot be bothered and rely on the UPD to work.

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     Hi there Sparky

Frankly, I havent heard about such a problem .

- you can check the compatibility over here

-And  you can look for the appropriate drivers over here

if you still have some problems you can contact the HP support .

Best Wishes
sparky1977Author Commented:

Been there and looked at all that, if you look at the HP pages under any of the Windows 7 OS options you only get the install the UPD, they dont have a specific PCL or PS driver package for this.
Also i found the problem with the 1320n, the printer spooler keeps crashing on the Win7 box, i dont get that as all the printers on there, i.e. 3 are all using the UPD.
I cannot contact HP as the printers are not in warranty and they seem clueless about configuring or making the UPD work properly hence my extreme frustration as i have 20 odd users on my case.
HP strategy over the past few years has been to gradually replace ALL device-specific drivers with the three UPDs (PCL5, PCL6 or PostScript).

... and I understand that Xerox is doing the same with its Global Printer Drivers, and so to, presumably, are other printer manufacturers (for cost and support reasons).
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I would try loading the vista drivers in compatibility mode using elevated cmd prompt.
Failing that, use xp virtual machine.
There's been success using either option.
Good luck
sparky1977Author Commented:

I have tried the Vista drivers and i cannot get them to load, can you send me a link or explain more about using them in compatibility mode and the XP VM?

sparky1977Author Commented:
Hi All,

Right i have done the following with NO success...
Installed the HP laserjet 4 and 5 drivers for the 8150n, printing still slow, PDF's hang the print queue, tif drawing files miss the margins off the page despite the page settings being correct.  Retried the UPD and still the same problems, the UPD also crashes the print spooler on a couple of machines both Win7 32 and 64 bit versions.  I have switched the driver for the 4250n to the laserjet 4 driver and i still have the same problems.
This is absolutely ridiculous and HP are not even going to write Win7 drivers for their new printers, you have to use the UPD, on the network is a lexmark printer which has NO trouble at all.
Incidentally the Vista drivers dont work and nor to XP drivers.

Any more suggestions as i am getting a lot of moans about this from the users now :-(
sparky1977Author Commented:
I thought i would just update you all.
I have spoken at great length with HP and they have admitted that their UPD does not work reliably with Windows 7 32 or 64 bit and there is no workaround.  Basically it will either work or it wont.  Nor does it seem to me to work on Windows Server 2003, when i change settings in the printing shortcuts or on the printing defaults page they revert back to their original settings or completely different settings entirely.
I have now contacted HP complaints department regarding this issue and it is being investigated.
On another note, ALL new HP Business printers do NOT have Windows 7 drivers but again require the UPD which doesnt work and they cannot tell anyone when the proper drivers will be released.
I used to love HP printers but now i am going to be looking and buying elsewhere!!
See if this is of any help.
Also you can try using VPC XP if practical, or share it connected to an xp machine.
Good luck

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