Start-ManagedFolderAssistant not Running on MRM schedule ?


I've set up managed folders but they don't do what I want unless I manually run Start-ManagedFolderAssistant from the shell. I've set up a MRM custom schedule but NO dice. What am I missing?

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did you enable logging for mrm?
Set-MailboxServer srv01 -RetentionLogForManagedFoldersEnabled:$true -FolderLogForManagedFoldersEnabled:$true

the path for these logs can be found at
Get-MailboxServer srv01 | Select LogPathForManagedFolders

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njmattAuthor Commented:
with enough tinkering I finally got it to run on its schedule. I didn't do anything in particular, just kept playing with the schedule. Some bug is floating around here somewhere.... thanks for the reply
Hello there njmatt.  Can you tell me what you set your schedule to run at... Mine is having the same issue and cant seem to find the lucky scheduling times.
njmattAuthor Commented:
I've attached the screenshot of my schedule. I think after resaving a different schedule or two it finally kicked in. I never found out the solid reason why it started to work.

However, here are some relevant links:

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