Outlook 2007 Freezes

My outlook 2007 keeps freezing up. Can anyone help me troubleshoot it to find out why?

I think it might be happening when I receive a new email but it doesn't happen every time when I receive new emails. Do I need to reinstall or can I fix it an easier way?

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First step - press help in Outlook and check for updates, ie make sure you have the latest patches, either this way or via Micrsoft Update (as opposed to Windows update).  If it freezes too quickly go to http://office.microsoft.com hit downloads and then look on the left for updates

Second Step - hit help in Outlook and the Office Diagnostics, follow the prompts and let us know what happens.  Office Diagnostics can be started from any Office product - Started in slightly different ways, but all described well in the help for each.

Let us know what happens.
wilcor14Author Commented:
Thanks for your help.
Didn't know about the Diagnostic tool which is great to know. I ran it and it completed all the task with no issues. I ran the update for outlook and there were no issues.
I do have over 30,000 emails so I am archiving right now. Maybe there are some issues with the large amount of emails.
Any other suggestions?
My next question was related to the size of your files!  

Please can you tell me how your office is configured (eg office environment with exchange server, or pop3, imap internet mail)

If you know a little about your data files then once the archiving is complete, then click File and Data File management to get a list of them and where they are.  Then follow the instructions here http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook/HA100758311033.aspx to run the file integrity scanner and fixer.

It is good practice to compact your data files regularly (double click from that list in data file management above and its an option).  Also although later versions of Outlook proclaim to handle data files above 3gb well I haven't come across many >3gb .pst or .ost files that haven't had trouble at some point (especially if they were created with an older version of Outlook - can you clarify if yours were.

Please clarify the points from above and progress so far. Thanks
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Sorry for got to add -

Please note there are now tools for different file types

Do you use any third party toolbars or add-ins for Outlook?  If so please disbale all of them and try again.  If the problem clears re-enable them one at once until you find a culprit.  To do this go - Tools, Trust Centre, pick Add-ins from the left.  Review the list - then at the bottom of the dialog box change the add-in type and click go, another dialogue box allows check box enable/disable.  Repeat for other add-in types.

wilcor14Author Commented:
Ok now I only have 16,000 emails which should be fine right?
I have turned off the auto email scanner from Ad-Aware which I don't know if that has anything to do with it.
I am also using SpamFighter to sort through my emails to manage spam but I've been using this for years and never had any issues so can't think it has anything to do with this.
So far, it has not crashed so let's see if this did the trick in the next day. Thanks for your attention and will report back in half a day or so. Thanks.
Sounds good, I recommend you integrity check your files still too.

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wilcor14Author Commented:
Outlooks been up and running for over a day now without freezing so either the archiving or the AdAware did it. Thanks for you help.
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