powerpoint dual monitor setup

I have an interesting setup:

Rather than have two computers by the receptionist, we have one; the goal is to run a power point slideshow on a secondary monitor (already setup) using dual monitors, so that one monitor is facing a potential client when they walk in, and the other is the receptionist's own monitor to be working on. Problem is when I have the slideshow running and the receptionist has it selected, it works fine. As soon as they click off of the running slideshow (as in, open internet explorer, open our ERP system, etc, the slide show will remain on the last slide it displayed (the slideshow then becomes un-selected), and the only way to get it running again is to physically click the slideshow (again without clicking off of it, it HAS to remain selected in order for the slideshow to run)

Other than having a TV, or secondary computer, is there a better way to have this digital sign display, using the setup that I described, and without using EXPENSIVE third party tools?

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bmanwillConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
found my own answer. herbisoft provides a continuous slideshow add-in for $30. works great
The presenter view is disgned to allow the presenter to see the notes/thumbnails on one screen while the audience sees the actual slideshow and it keeps the two in sync. It is NOT designed for the situation that you describe. It would be simpler and far more cost effective to dig out an old PC/Laptop from somewhere and use that to host the presentation - it does not have to be the most up to date and technically avanced machine to run a slideshow.
I would definitely use a second PC.

If this isn't an option the only third party add in I know is PowerShow from OfficeOne. It's about $100.

It's possible to log on the second monitor as another user and run the show in a window but it's rarely satisfactory in your situation.

bmanwillAuthor Commented:

found this...anyone know if anything similar that is free?
I'm pretty sure there isn't.

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