Set datagridview cell mandatory.

Hi everyone,

I tried to Google the web for quite sometime now but I can't seem to find the solution to the problem I am facing.

I have a typical datagridview, not the web one where I have 5 rows to begin with, any any given time if any column is populated or filled out with a value, the rest of the cells in that row become mandatory fields.  Opposite to text box where you can set the MandatoryField, I can't find a way to set the currentcell or the datagridview[column,cell] or find any of their related attributes to set that specific cell to mandatory.

From reading what I described so far you can see this attribute has to be dynamic, that is if the user decide to blank out all values within a row then all the cell in that row will change from mandatory back to non mandatory.

Any tips or resources on this are greatly appreciated.
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you will have to write the code in cellvalidating event and dynamically set the values

have a look here

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Dhanasekaran SengodanCommented:


Here's the sample on msdn: (

private void dataGridView1_CellValidating(object sender,
  DataGridViewCellValidatingEventArgs e)
  dataGridView1.Rows[e.RowIndex].ErrorText = "";
  int newInteger;

  // Don't try to validate the 'new row' until finished
  // editing since there
  // is not any point in validating its initial value.
  if (dataGridView1.Rows[e.RowIndex].IsNewRow) { return; }
  if (!int.TryParse(e.FormattedValue.ToString(),
    out newInteger) || newInteger < 0)
    e.Cancel = true;
    dataGridView1.Rows[e.RowIndex].ErrorText = "the value must be a non-negative integer";

Maybe the behavior you see is because you are validating a new row
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