Lost Open With with Notepad2 since moved folder

Hi all,

I have downloaded and used Notepad2 for a long time. (http://www.flos-freeware.ch/notepad2.html) Nice little software and no need for installation. You simply extract the software in a folder.

Initially Notepad2.exe was in folder C:\Notepad2\Notepad2.exe
I configured 'Open With' for .txt files to use Notepad2.exe
Everything was ok until I moved Notepad2.exe to another folder (Example: C:\Program Files\Notepad2\Notepad2.exe).

Now whenever I try to reconfigure the 'open with' of .txt files it doesn't work.
I do:
1- Right-click on .txt file
2- Choose Open With
3- Browse for Notepad2 and double click on Notepad2.exe
4- This is my problem here -> Notepad2 is not added anymore in the list <-

It seems like windows is completely lost because I moved the Notepad2.exe somewhere else.

How can I fix this?

(Note: This support page doesn't work because I already tried this and the Notepad2.exe is never added anymore to the list of 'Open with' software since I changed the folder: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307859)
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Kruger_monkeyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you don't get it right with flubbsters response (althought it looks like you will) you could search your registry for "C:\Notepad2" and then update any paths that come up to the new one.  You may find that one of the reg keys is locked/corrupt and won't allow changes which is possibly why you are having a problem.

Hopefully between flubbsters response or the above you can reset.
Did you check the "Always open the file type with the selected program" box before browsing for the notepad2.
What happens if you try the following, assuming you ahven't already.

1 - right click on txt file.
2- select open with
3- select "choose program"
4 - click on the browse button - browse to new notepad2 location.
5 - make sure "always use this program...." is ticked and then click ok.

Does that add it back into the list?

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Use regedit and do the following:
Browse to:


In there are these keys and values, among others.


add a string value with name 'b' (not necessarily the next alphabetically 'free'
character) and set its data to "Notepad2.exe". Update value 'MRUList'
to 'ab'. This value must contain all entries (not necessarily alphabetically contiguous)
you wish to have in 'Open With'.


Again, right click on a text file and select 'Open With' for example. You will see
Microsoft Word added to the programs.

You also need to make sure that Notepad is within the PATH Environment variable:

Right-click My computer and select Properties
click on Advanced
click on Environment Variables
In the bottom box, scroll down to Path
Highlight Path
Click on Edit
At the end of the long string, add the following:
;C:\Program Files\Notepad2\  (or whatever the path is to the program. ONLY the patjh, do not add the program name itself)

Make sure you preceed the additional entry with a ;  This separates the entries.
sorry, I meant you will now see Notepad2 added to the right-click programs.
EtdashouAuthor Commented:
Hi itsmeandnobodyelse and Kruger_monkey,

Thank you for the replies.
itsmeandnobodyelse: If I check "Always open the file type with the selected program" before browsing, this doesn't help.

Kruger_monkey: I tried exactly as you said. Whenever I choose Notepad2.exe, it is not added anymore in the list of software. However, before I moved the folder to another location, everything was fine.

You may want to test this yourself (I tried this about a minute ago).

- Download Notepad2 and extract it to C:\Notepad2
- Create a file (example 'test.type') and choose the OPEN WITH to open with Notepad2
- Now, Cut and Paste the C;\Notepad2 folder to another location (Example: C:\test\Notepad2)
- Try the open with again, you will see that Notepad2 cannot be used anymore
- Move Notepad2 folder back to C:\Notepad2, everything is now back normal.

I know I could move Notepad2 to its initial directory... but I can't believe this cannot be fixed.

Thank you for your help.
EtdashouAuthor Commented:
oh... I will read flubbster response.
I was answering at the same time.

EtdashouAuthor Commented:
This was exactly the way to solve my problem.

Open registry
CTRL+F for 'Notepad2.exe'
Fix all Path from the old Notepad2 folder to the new one (Their is more than one to fix, so continu to CTRL+F until you change all)
EtdashouAuthor Commented:
Thank you everyone.

Kruger_monkey post solve my problem.

Have a nice day all.
EtdashouAuthor Commented:
However, I would like to say that it is not very nice that I need to change the registry to fix this problem... but what can we do about this.
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