Access Reports- no background formatting for field

I designed a report in ACC2k7, and set fields for conditional formatting.
Basically if the date in the field is greater than 6 months greater than the date of variable [tierdate], I want the field to appear with a RED background  if it is within 6 monhts, I want it to appear GREEN.
I set the conditional format, but when I run the report, the formatting does not show.  If I CLICK on the date, it will appear properly (red background), but only if I click on it, not on printed reports, or print preview.  I need it to appear on printed reports.

HOWEVER, if I have the condition change the color of the text, it works fine, and the text appears red, green, etc.

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Richard DanekeConnect With a Mentor TrainerCommented:
Check the background setting for the control.  It may be set to transparent and should be set to normal.
Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
I would suspect your formatting isn't correct, or you are viewing the reports in Layout or Report view.

Have you compacted your database lately (Office button - Manage - Compact)? Make a backup first, of course.

Have you made sure Office and Windows are fully up to date?
Richard DanekeTrainerCommented:
Some printers have graphics disabled with stops the printer from printing backgrounds.
And, I assume your default printer is a color printer.
TIgerVAuthor Commented:
Color printer, doesn't matter what view I am using (print preview, layout, report), windows and office are fully upgraded, other backgrounds on reports print find, only this one.  I will just have to make the text a different color, which does work.  hmmmmmmmm
TIgerVAuthor Commented:
DOH!  Thank you immensely had me going all day on this one, and it was something silly.  I appreciate it.
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