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In layman terms:  I created a web site using Fireworks and Dreamweaver.  One of the pages shows the floor plan of a house. The floor plan has numerous trigger icons that when moused over, display an image of the room from that location.  The image disappears when another icon is triggered.  All images rollover to the same location (or slice) on the webpage. My question is this: Some images will contain thumbnails showing options from that scene.  I have been unsuccessful trying to use FW, DW or code in my attempt to enable the thumbnail to be enlarged either with a mouseover or click.  The images were prepped in FW, where the thumbnail was added...along with a hotspot covering the thumbnail. (I tried slices too)  Does anyone out there have a solution to this?  I do know some code...but I am not an expert.
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OnthraxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will need to use javascript. A small tutorial can be found here:

Hope this helps..
paogiverConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi i came across like your situation as well, all i do is i create two images.

1) Button up
2) Button Down
rename different names for them

and use this function in dreamweaver to make an image roll over. kindly see screenshot.
In case you tried too many times playing with it and it may cause malfunction of the buttons, because of the automated javascripts, can click File -> New - > HTML to try again.

glenn_1984Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Another way to do this is with CSS Sprites
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