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I have a question. I'm a novice Exchange Admin that has been placed in the uncomfortable position of supporting our entire email infrastructure. We have a recovery store (volume) that due to space issues, it had to be used to house mailbox databases. The volume currently has 300GB of space left.

I have a mailbox to restore from the VTL, so I don't need to restore from tape. My main question is will I be able to do a mailbox restore to a volume that has mailbox databases on it? The mailbox that needs to be restored is about 3GB

I'm thinking yes, as long as the restore does not max out the space on the current volume.  Can someone confirm this?

Also, since I want to restore only one mailbox, can I point the log files to this volume as well.

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You're talking about just restoring the mailbox right, not restoring the whole mail store to a recovery storage group. It should be no problem restoring the mailbox, as long as you don't max out the disk space like you said.
punchie123Author Commented:
Hey CrashDummy,

Thanks for the response. We would like to restore a mailbox only. I wasn't sure if you had to restore the entire DB and exmerge the mailbox. I believe that is based on the backup software we are using.

We 're using Netbackup 6.5 and I don't believe that supports brick level restores which makes this an arduous task in itself..

The backup is still on disk so at least we don't have to wait for a tape.
I think you're going to have to create another recovery storage group for this, otherwise you'll risk overwriting the existing store, which you said now has users' mailboxes on it.

Once you've recovered the mailbox, I'd do a couple of things. First, delete the new recovery group so no user mailboxes get put there accidentally or on purpose. Second, look into the Exchange agent for Netbackup, or if it's already installed, check your jobs to enable the granular recovery options.

Here's a Symantec article about using it.

And here's an article about restoring with granular recovery.

You may want to check again and see if it was already enabled. It's so much nicer to click on a single mailbox or even a single lost email and click restore than going through the old recovery store method.

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