Persist SameTime Privacy Settings

I am using SameTime client 8.0.2.  

1. How do I save a Privacy List from session to session?
2. How can I log in with a Privacy List already activated?
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mbonaciConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, I was talking about Sametime server.
Maybe you should relay this info to your Sametime administrators...
To answer your questions:
1. it should work by itself
2. you cannot (you shouldn't have to do that)

Users create a privacy list in the IBM Lotus Sametime Connect client by selecting user names or group names from the Domino or Domino LDAP directory that is used with the IBM Lotus Sametime Community server. Privacy lists are stored in the user information database (vpuserinfo.nsf) on Lotus Sametime Community server. When a user starts the Lotus Sametime Connect client, the lists are (or should be - in your case) downloaded from the database to update the lists stored on the client’s local computer.

Did you install Sametime server 8.0.2 fresh or you upgraded from release that's prior to 7.5?
If you upgraded then replace design on vpuserinfo.nsf with "Sametime User Information" (stuserin.ntf) advanced template.
See pages 442 to 445 here:
wsturdevAuthor Commented:
Sorry -- been out sick.  I will take me a couple of days to catch up and I wil get back to this question.
wsturdevAuthor Commented:
I installed 8.0.2 fresh (I assume you meant 8.0.2 Client rather then Server) on a brand new computer.  BUT, I do not have a vpuserinfo.nsf  or a stuserin.ntf on my computer.
When I go to Preferences and select Privacy, it gives me 2 options, one to specify a list of who can see me online, and one of who can see me when I am in Do Not Disturb mode.  There is NO option to save either of these.
If I exit SameTime and restart it, those Privacy settings are gone.  Has this been disabled by my SameTime managers or am I missing something?
Whatever the answer is to the above, the Privacy option in Preferences is not present until after I log on.  
Just to be clear, I am trying to be "incognito" to everyone except my managers so I can concentrate.  To do this, I want to open SameTime without auto-logging on.  Then I want to set up a Privacy list and then log on.  In this way no one will see me online except those in my privacy lists.  The way I have to do it today, I log on, then while I am trying to "hide" my presence so I can be "incognito" to everyone except my managers, people discover I am there and start pining me before I can set up the privacy settings.
wsturdevAuthor Commented:
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