Move Root CA to another Server with a different Hostname (Windows 2008)

Hi Guys,

I have to my my Root CA to a different Server that has also a different Hostname then the current one.
Both Systems are Windows 2008 and the CA is a Standalone one.

I found this Howto for Windows 2000 so I cant use it:
Then there is this Howto that is valid for 2008 but both Systems must have the same name there so I can't use it either :-(

So what now?


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Team-DEAAuthor Commented:
This Document does not contain any procedures for moving the Root CA to another Server with a different Hostname. Only this:

• Upgrade a Windows 2000 Server–based CA to Windows Server 2003.
• Upgrade a Windows Server 2003–based CA to Windows Server 2008.
• Upgrade an enterprise CA running a Standard edition of Windows Server to an Enterprise edition of Windows Server. (This upgrade is required if you want to use extended features such as certificate autoenrollment.)

So nothingI need to do :-(

Next please ;)
Yes, it is not a procedure but the table on P.30 shows the needed tasks.
And the example on P.32.
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ParanormasticCryptographic EngineerCommented:
Team-DEAAuthor Commented:
That does not help me because in this article you have to rename Server 2 to the old name of Server 1 later. That's exactrly what I don't want or can do!

Hmm.. looks complicated but I will try it today.
The document that I referred to states the tasks needed to do what the asker wanted.
Yes, but that was just a heads up. Thus a paq w/o refund to keep this question.
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