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how to configure second NIC on physical ESX 3.5 u1 box?

Hi All,
I have a ESX 3.5 box. When I set it up originally, I only used one NIC on the physical box. There are 2 NICs total. Now, i need to assign an IP in different subnet to the second NIC.

Can someone show me how to do this?

3 Solutions
You dont have to assign IP to it, just add the vmnic to your existing vSwitch
Under config  tab > networking in vSphere client, select your vSwitch to add the new vmnic1 then reconfigure the teaming policy as needed
I assume you can see your 2nd physical NIC when you click on the esx host --> configuration tab --> Network Adapters? There are couple of option for you to choose:
1) you can create another virtual switch, and add your 2nd NIC to this new vSwitch
2) for redundancy purpose, you can team up your 1st NIC and 2nd NIC and configure VLAN on your physical switch to let both subnet traffic through.
changjiaAuthor Commented:
when I browse to network adapters under configuration, it says vmnic1 is down, the network cable is plugged in.

Did you check your physical switch? Try changing the port or replace network cable
If you see red cross then link is not good, check duplex setting as well, check switch log for any possible issue
Login to the ESX server and use the ifconfig command to see if the new nic status is up or down. Use the ifconfig vmnic1 up command to enable the nic.
You can also use the esxcfg-nics command to view the status off and assign IP's to the new physical nic

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