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Hi All

My boss came to me earlier and asked me to configure a blackberry server at work which was installed last week. It's the free version that you can download from the Internet.

So far, the software has been installed on a member server. When I go into the Blackberry Admin web page on the server, I can add a user and send an activation code and it appears in my inbox in outlook, so that part is good.

I have been thrown a Blackberry 8900 and a Tmobile sim card. What do I need to do with the phone? Do I need a certain Sim card? How does the phone communicate with the server?

Im missing something huge here, you'll have to excuse me everyone, I know NOTHING about this.

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Justin OwensITIL Problem ManagerCommented:
OK.... It would help to know what version of the Blackberry software you are running on your server.
Second, you need to make sure the phone which you were "thrown" is provisioned for BES and BIS to work correctly.  Often carriers fail to do this.
Third, there are two basic ways to activate a Blackberry against a BES server.  One is the over the air activation.  You have done the first part of this already.  You would need to finish it on your handheld by going into Settings... Enterprise Activation...  Second, you can direct cable your Blackberry to the server or to a workstation running the BES extensions and assign the handheld to the BES account directly.
dth123Author Commented:
Hi there

Sorry for the delay, the software is the latest blackberry Enterprise Express. The phone has had nothing done to it what so ever. The SIM card was taken out of another phone.

What needs doing to the phone, by are carrier?
Justin OwensITIL Problem ManagerCommented:
Let's say your carrier is AT&T or Sprint.  Call your carrier.  Make sure they know the model of phone in which the SIM is located.  Make sure they have provisioned that line for BES as well as BIS.  Once that is done, do an Enterprise Activation on the phone.

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Hi DTH123,

As your server is the BES Express, you have a choice of data plan. You don't need the full BES data plan to access the BES Express, a BIS data plan is sufficient. You can contact the T-Mo folks for more details on each of the plans.

As long as the phone is a BlackBerry, all you need to do is add a SIM that has been provisioned for BlackBerry Data (the above mentioned data plans). The phone needs a data enabled SIM to work, but the actual SIM itself have very little to do with it. Once a BlackBerry is connected to a server, you can swap SIMs as often as you like, your email, etc will still arrive on the phone.

The BES Express software has some limitations, one of which is that Enterprise Activation (wirelessly activate the device over the air) is not available if you have a BIS data plan. If you choose the BIS plan, you will need to connect the device to the server via a USB cable. As you have BES Express, you can use the Web Desktop Manager for this or you can install the Desktop Manager on your PC.

As for how the phone communicates with the server, each BlackBerry phone has an unique PIN number and each BES Express server has its own SRP ID. The SRP ID connects the BES Express to the BlackBerry NOC (network ops center). The BlackBerry phone also registers with the BlackBerry NOC, allowing emails, etc to reach the phone.

When you add a user to the BES Express server, the users email address is associated with their BlackBerry PIN. Any data sent from the BES Express server destined for that user will be sent to that users PIN number. As the NOC knows which Carrier the phone is on (via the SIM), they know where to send the data.

Data from the phone knows how to get to the BES Express server in a similar fashion. The phone knows the BES Express SRP it is associated with. When you send an email from the phone, the data is sent to the NOC with the SRP listed as the destination. The NOC know what IP address the SRP connected from, so the email is sent to that address.

I hope this long winded answer is helpful.

dth123Author Commented:
Cheers for the help guys
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