SQL Reporting Services - Logon Failed (rsLogonFailed)

When trying to run a SQL Report we're getting the following error (screen shot below)

"Logon Failed (rsLogonFailed)"

I've read it can be related to the password on the execution account but I updated the password and we're still getting the error. The shared data source is set to use windows credentials.

How can I fix this?
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Chris MConnect With a Mentor Consulting - Technology ServicesCommented:
It's possible that the credentials that the data source uses have changed.

TO fix this, go and check the data source properties for that report and ensure that they are fine then you can re-deploy the report or change the credentials back to what they were before while the report was being developed.

Ensure that you are not affecting other reports by doing a full check on the system and trying to investigate why the account was changed. Please follow change management :-)

This is purely an account problem to which ever data source you're connecting to.
bkpierceAuthor Commented:
Turning off the execution account fixed the problem.
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