Is it possible to uninstall and reinstall Entourage without removing any of the other parts of MS Office?

One of our Mac end users has had an issue lately where he is unable to receive messages via his Entourage client. I have verified the issue is not with the account settings within Entourage and that there isn't a problem with Exchange itself.

As such, I have recommended he uninstall and reinstall Entourage (user is offsite) to see if that resolves the issue. Is it possible for him to only uninstall and reinstall Entourage without affecting the rest of MS Office 2008 or will he have to completely remove and reinstall the full Office suite?

If it's possible to do this individually, can somebody please provide instructions?

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MactechtrainerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes you can remove the Entourage application from the Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 suite without affecting the other applications within the suite.

All you need is an application uninstaller like AppZapper, which can remove specific applications per
your request, and all of the files for that application (Not including the child-files you created from the parent application however).

Here is the link for a few Mac application uninstallers you may want to review, just to give you a small range of choices, because on this page they are all good. However AppZapper works as the most functional of the utilities from my experience. And it will remove safely Entourage without impacting the other applications in the suite.

Mac Application Uninstallers

In my experiences as a Sr. Mac Support Specialist assisting Entourage customers, this is been a route I have had to take (removing then re-installing Entourage, Word or Excel) in order to
gain the correct functionality of the affected MS Office 08 application back to a fully operational use once again.

But only when all other options for fixing the application have been exhausted and it is necessary to take that next step.

Will watch for any updated comments you may have regarding this issue.


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