We have two separate windows 2003 server s and proposed  terminal service one hardware and SQL server database another.

which is better  install Great Plains  in SQL server database server or terminal service server.
This is for the clients who are connecting through terminal services.

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Victoria YudinConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
There are 2 'components' to Dynamics GP (new name for Great Plains):
1. SQL Server databases
2. Dynamics GP client (or application)

There is no application server component.

For users accessing the Terminal Server, install the Dynamics GP (new name for Great Plains) application on the Terminal Server.  No 'regular' user should ever be accessing the SQL Server directly.

For administrative and troubleshooting purposes only, the Dynamics GP application is sometimes installed directly on the SQL Server.  But even if this is done, it should not be used by regular GP users.  

backer-mAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I have asked childish question.

I did not hink over
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