How to inject drivers in Windows 7 image (wim format)?

Hi Folks:

I have created a customized image as per our organization needs and then generalize it as OOBE and shutdown. Then I captured it and save it to bootable UFD. Now I can deploy this image on any machine but now I want to inject drivers as well.

I have tried with WSIM, I have created an unattend.xml file and mentioned driver path over there but I am not sure that whether it is working while installation or not.

I have created Windows 7 installation media as per Microsoft instructions, i.e. copy all the Windows  installation files on bootable UFD image and copy the customized install.wim in to sources folder. I did and it works on our every machine except Lenovo T500 aur T400, there is a display issue so therefore I have created unattend.xml and mentioned drivers path there.

First I was confused that where should I copy unattend.xml file so after research I came to know as I am deploying custom image so therefore I have to sysprep that image with this file and copy the file under Windows\System32\sysprep.

Now is there any other better way to inject drivers?
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TheBDPSr. Sys EngineerCommented:
Yes. In Windows 7 you can use the pnputil to insert drivers. Here is some really good reading for this:

But basicly from a command prompt you run: pnputil -a drivername.inf
Or if you have a huge load of drivers in one folder you can run a:pnputil -a *.inf

Also the technet and support links above I believe talk about Vista, but they work exactly the same.
TheBDPSr. Sys EngineerCommented:
Also another awesome read:

Again says vista but works for 7 as well.
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