Slow typing in Word 2007

I saw this issue in an earlier thread, but no answer.
When I open a template with images in the header, Word 2007 types slow. It can't keep up.
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steveoskhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Instead of inserting an image in the header, use a watermark.

1. Edit your logo file in an image editor, so it is the exact width of your page (presumably A4 or Letter size - check the dimensions and play about with it if necessary)
2. In Word 2007, go to the Page Layout tab on the ribbon.
3. Click Watermark then Custom Watermark.
4. Select a Picture watermark.
5. Set scale to 100% and uncheck 'washout'
MSKemAuthor Commented:
Hi Steveoskh,

I thought you gave me the solution, but I can only add one watermark in a document.
I'd like to add an image in de first page header and another image in page 2 en further.
Imagesize is "low".
Do you have other suggestions?
General advice when working with images
Pay attention to image size.  I have users attach a 20 meg image in a word document and then wonder why it loads slow and is too big to email.   Use a program to change the resolution out side of Word.
Resize the image before importing it.  Do not use Word drag handles to change the image size.   Should not matter but does appear to affect things.

As for the slowness problems.  Use a different image, simple and small size.  If the problems goes away, compare that image to the one with problems.
Size of the image file
Image type: JPG, JPEG, BMP
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MSKemAuthor Commented:
Then why did the problem never occur in Word XP? In Word 2007 even when a small image is used.
Only in the header or footer by the way.
Not when the image is placed in the document itself.
And not when Ithe document is saved in Word 97-2003 format.

What are the specs for your PC?
MSKemAuthor Commented:
Hi Steveoskh,

I've got the solution. Maybe interesting for other people.

I use images, sometimes height = 3 cm but width is always 21 cm. (A4-format).
When I crop the image in Word (delete the white area) and compress it, then the typing is normal.
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