Have a Hyper-v host running just that and nothing else.
Created a Virtual Machine where i will be running just WSUS....well i see you can add this as a role in hyper-v....was wondering...and search everywhere..

Do you need to have SQL installed when using WSUS in hyper-v or do you just install the WSUS role and thats it..

why and why not?

I know if i was using just a plain machine it is recommended to install SQL for Performance issues...is this the same for the Hyper-v WSUS Role????

Is it better to have SQL Server 2005 Express installed..

Using Server 2008 ENterprise X64....thanks,

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jakethecatukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
WSUS is a role and that's it - nothing else is needed.

You can do what you are thinking and there is some mileage in it because for 99.9% of the time WSUS is doing nothing.  However (and this was pointed out in another question on EE) - if you have to reboot your server because of WSUS, you will be taking down your HYPER-V as well including all the VM's.

My view is that you will have to reboot the HYPER-V box when you patch it anyway so I don't think you'll be putting yourself at any more risk.
westhelpdeskAuthor Commented:
I actually have a 2008 x64 box running host hyper-v and thats it..nothing else...WSUS is in a separte Virtual Machine running on the hyper-v host..i anticipated having to restart WSUS and didnt want to run into situation like you mention with shutting all vm`s down..thats why it is in own VM running on HOst Hyper-v Box.

thanks, and much appreciated...
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