Does RSS Feed add load to the web server?

If I created an RSS feed for each student in an SQL table. Will that be a huge load on a web server. SQL server is separate from web server.
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How many RSS feeds are we talking about here? And are we storing the URL or data of the RSS feed?
sohairzaki2005Author Commented:
I have thousands of students.
The SQL table will have studentid and an xml column that includes the content of the feed.
The content of the feed will include only url's.
Those url's will be pointing to pages that will display results of a query.
I don't see any issues apart from what the last point does:

"Those url's will be pointing to pages that will display results of a query."

What does this query do? Return results from the database or request data from external sites? Doesn't sound like it's really doing much so I would not have thought you would have any issues.
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sohairzaki2005Author Commented:
The query's will retrieve information from the database related to that particular student.
I don't think you'll have any issues. The only issues you might encounter is coding the web application incorrectly and hitting the database too many times OR caching too much data. SQL Servers prefer to give you a lot of information in one go, hitting it all the time with small requests it not good.
sohairzaki2005Author Commented:
I am going to do it using a stored procedure that will populate the table with the feed content and date. Create a task that will run at night time. When I do it I will send you the code to check with me if that is good.
Thanks again
One thing that might not be clear is that RSS feeds by themselves don't do anything.. they are pulled when the person who wants to view it asks for it. The main difference between an RSS feed and a web page is that most readers automatically check the feed every so often, rather than waiting for the user to open a web browser.

So the load on the web server itself will depend on how many people are viewing the feeds, and how often, just like if it were a web page.

BlandyUK is on the right track regarding the overall load wrt the queries and I'll leave that to him. :)
sohairzaki2005Author Commented:
sohairzaki2005Author Commented:
Another question
I am working with sql 2008. Is there a way to simulate sp_webmaketask stored procedure.
It is depreciated in sql 2008.
I used it to create and schedule rss feeds
How can I do that without using .net
@outputfile = 'C:\Rss.xml', ---- Point 1
@query = 'Exec GenerateRssFeed', -- Put the SP name here
@templatefile = 'C:\RssFeedTemplate.xml' -- Point 2

-- for the template
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<title>SSWUGJust Published</title>
<description>The SQL Server World Wide User Group ...</description>

--for scheduling the task
@outputfile = 'C:\Rss.xml',
@query = 'Exec GenerateRssFeed',
@templatefile = 'C:\RssFeedTemplate.xml',
@whentype = 10,
@datachg='TABLE=ArticleMaster COLUMN=ArticleId,AName,ADesc,PubDate'


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