On a cisco WS-C3560G-48 , can the temperature that displays in the dashboard be change to Fahrenheit instead of Celsius

On a cisco WS-C3560G-48 , can the temperature that displays in the dashboard be change to Fahrenheit instead of Celsius.  
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surbabu140977Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Markus BraunCEOCommented:
i have a 3750 - dont know about the dashboard, but i know with snmp monitoring it can show celcius or fahrenheit - just depends on the mib
CpTnCuRtAuthor Commented:
The dashboard is the gui that you bring up when you go to
Its nice for monitoring the switches.  Show Fan condition, port status.  But with the Temp in celcius, doesn't do me alot of good.   :(

Just seems like there should be a way to change it.
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yes, through the mib possible, but not through the cli. The code in monitoring apps takes the output celcius and displays into farenheit. Almost majority of monitoring apps has got this functionality.

Markus BraunCEOCommented:
Ok, if you really need to monitor your switches, a network managment software would be the way to go (like Solarwinds, Whatsup, etc)
The Web Gui is not really ment for 24x7 monitoring and has not nearly the power of mentioned programs
For the GUI, there are no config commands to change anything - its hardcoded.

For the celcius part, its just a different number  - use online conversion tool, to change C into F - then write down your tresholds in C and there u go.

some pointers

zero degree C = 32F meaning freezing point of water (or 273.15 degrees Kelvin)
23.0 degrees C = 73.4F Generic comfortable feeling (or 296.15 degrees Kelvin)
37.5 degree C = 99.5F your body temperature (or 310.65 degrees Kelvin)
40.0 degrees C = 104F - getting toasty
45.0 degrees C = 113F - better fix the AC
50.0 degrees C = 122F - well if you past that point you are really streching your luck

it doesnt really matter what number you see as long as you know when its too cold and too hot
Markus BraunCEOCommented:
for added fun
here the formulas

C=(F-32)÷ 1.8
R= K x 1.8
Ré = (K - 273.15) x 0.8
CpTnCuRtAuthor Commented:
Bummer that cisco doesn't use US measurements. :(
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