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Get filename from output and assign to variable

I need to be able to take the following output (which changes dynamically, and issues several thousands of records), and get the filename, and assign it to a variable $fn:

TIFF Directory at offset 0x4aac
  Bits/Sample: 1
  FillOrder: lsb-to-msb
  Document Name: "Standard Input"
  Image Description: "converted PBM file"
  Orientation: row 0 top, col 0 lhs
  Samples/Pixel: 1
  Rows/Strip: 2376
  Planar Configuration: single image plane

I need to get "filename2.tif:" and assign it to a variable $fn.  The filename will always be different, so that's why I need it in a variable, and I'm sure a regex will need to be written to satisfy this.  The script is in a while loop, however, it is outputting multiple times.  Also, I want the above output to remain the same, I just want to take the filename and ALSO store in a variable (so no output will change).

Thanks in advanced.
if (/^\s*filename3.tif:$/) {
                $fn = $1;

## What I have so far, but doesn't work, obviously, since I need it to match all forms of filename.  Basically, it will be any form of letters and numbers followed by .tif: (yes, that's a colon at the end)

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1 Solution
You should be able to change the regex to the below and get it work


if (/^\s*(.+)\.tif:\s*$/i) {
                $fn = "$1.tif";

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drewrockshardAuthor Commented:
This worked beautifully. :) Thanks.

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