Trust Relationship

I'm running windows server 2003 and trying to create a two-way external
trust to another domain.

I'm able to get almost all the way through the trust creation wizard, I even
make it right up to the completing the trust page, but I receive this error:

The trust relationship cannot be created because the following error
occurred. The operation failed. The error is:
The domain was in the wrong state to perform the security operation.

Can anyone help?


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naldiianConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You cannot use Selective Authentication unless the domains involved are 2003 Domain Functional Level. It requires a feature that is not supported anything prior to 2003 DCs.
Have you made a conditional forwarder in DNS
What domain funcitonal level is each domain in? That error is usually related to trying to use a feature or option on the Trust configuration that is not supported by one of the domains, such as trying to use selective authentication when one of the domains involved doesnt support that feature.
Were you choosing the Selective Authentication choice in the wizard?
The dns has to be configured before actually creating trust,the dns can be forwarder,standard zone or other.
Just verify fro below link. 
elirtaiAuthor Commented:
DINSJ, Yes, we have conditional forwarder.

NALDIIAN, yes, I try to use selective authentication and there is one Windows NT DC.

Is it possible that the administrator groups get renamed as a result of using full authentication in a trust between different language domains? are there any known problems related to full authentication between different languages or different AD versions?
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