How To: Use LINQ to SQL / Entity Framwork mapper with MySQL in VS2008

Hi there,
i'm starting to work with MySql for the first time with Visual Studio 2008.
so I need some baby steps explanations because so far i've worked with MS SQL :-)

so this is what i've done so far:
i've installed MySQL Query Builder and MySQL Administrator.

so from what i've read in the web i downloaded MySQL Connector from here:

and got my MySQL Data Provider working in Visual Studio 2008:

i clicked Server Explorer --> Add Connection --> MySQL Server
I filled the details & added a new DB connection to the Server Explorer

now, i dont get the full functionality i used to have with MS-SQL
i'd like to know whats the most efficient way of working with MySQL with VS 2008
do you use Diagrams? maybe it's better to use an outside program?
how do you work with Entity Framework or Linq2Sql ?
is there any more tips that can help me as a beginner? maybe some links so i can read more stuff about it?

thanks ahead!
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dimitriInfoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use sqlmetal to generate your linq classes from MySQL. I have used this one last year and it works fine.
Linq2sql will work only with SQL Server if you want to use MySQL then you need to use some third party provider. One such is DBLinq

Thanks and regards,
maatayimAuthor Commented:
hey there and thanks for the reply,
it's my second day on mysql and i'm getting there...
i've downloaded a newer MySQL Connector/Net from the MySQL WebSite here:

so far from what i've seen Entity Framework works great

how about DB Diagrams? can i create table Diagrams in MySQL ?
any tips of how to work with MySQL will help

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Sorry I am not a MySQL guy (fully MS)
yes Entity framework is also a good option to go with MySQL.
maatayimAuthor Commented:
anyone else?
maatayimAuthor Commented:
it's a good lead and i might use it after i'll explore it a lil bit
i was hoping to find out more about using Microsofts EF with mySql
good lead though!
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