Procedure to change bigvg to scalablevg?

In our AIX production box
we have a position to change existing vg from bigvg to scalablevg. So that we can add some more LUNs.
what procedure points need to be considered for this?
Some PV which is  belong to  this bigvg is not having free pps. I heard that before changing vg we need to use migratepp to create minimum one free pp/pv.
what syntax for migratepp?
how to find pp number to be moved?
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rammaghentharConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thankyou for your quick revert.
I have used migratelp lvname/number diskname   created free pps in required disks.
The Task have been completed fine.
woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi again,

you're obviously aware of the relevant command and its syntax:

chvg -G vgname

There must be more than one free partition to accomplish the conversion, since the free partitions needed for the enlarged VGDA have to be contiguous and placed at the edge of the disk, which will probably mean that they'll have to be moved around by LVM.

The low-level command to migrate PPs is lmigratepp, but I would not recommend using it, because it's not meant to be employed by end users (although we could, if need be).

If you have a logical volume which is only partially stored on a full disk, I'd rather suggest migrating this part of the logical volume to another disk.
This would be done with migratepv -l lvname hdisk_from hdisk_to

To analyze if this is an option you'll need the output of

lsvg -p vgname
lsvg -l vgname


lspv -l hdiskname

for every hdisk in the volumegroup.

If you need assistance, please post the above output.

woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi rammaghentharji,
tomorrow I will have to leave for a business trip and will not be back before April, 6th.
So if your task is somewhat urgent and if you indeed need my assistance we should take care to possibly bring it to an
end today!
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