Flash card in ASA 5510

I have an ASA5510 without a Flash card?
Will this cause any issues? Do they come with one as standard?
what would it be used for?
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JohnLoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
are you talking about the internal flash coar or the expansion card?

If the internal one is missing it will not work, boot, do anything..
If it is the expansion one it will work but you are limited to the size the internal card has for OS and config
CaptnassarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The Flash card slot is used for  external Flash card to save system images and configuration files. but it won't stop the ASA from booting
Markus BraunConnect With a Mentor CEOCommented:
the slot you see on the outside is just for an additional card. the flash or disk0 is actually inside
if it wont boot, the flash/ disk0 may be empty, meaning no image on it
you will see it right away if you take off the cover
if there is no card inside then it cant boot of course
and the original cisco cards dont come cheap - although i have heard of people using generic cards
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