I want to deploy software to a single machine in SCCM 2007

I want to be able to advertise to a single machine, Theres got to be an easier way then right click the machine then going to distribute software, i dont like that it has create a single collection for a machine in order to to then advertise the software, then on top of that it defaults to downloading the software source files than running it locally, when I prefer that the advertisement is set to run from the DP. I have right click tools installed and i dont see anything that helps from that. Can anyone help?
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sorry but i do nut understand your problem correct, could you describe it a little bit more detailed.

From what i understand you do not want to create a collection to just deploy a software to one computer?
A collection is neccesary there's no way around
ntr2def0121Author Commented:
so your saying really the only way is to create a collection for a software then adding machines to taht collection for the software? I want to be able to select a machine and say push this software and call it good. so far what I've read is I have to create a collection say office 2007 for naming purposes then place the machines I want to have that software in to that collection and they will recieve it. is that correct?
Yes you add static or dynamic membership rules on the collection properties to add a computer object to the installation.

SCCM is collection based -you cannot deploy a software without the need of an collection.
But i don't see any problem there. The normal way is to create a package, program, collection and an advertisement for each appliaction which you want to deploy. Later if a clients needs the software you just add it as an static membership rule and its getting installed.

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unfortunately you can not advertise software to system directly, it has to be advertised on collection only.

if you are having multiple requests every day to get software installe, you can follow the below approach:

list down softwares you use frequently.
create a collection based on this list.
advertise software for this collection with option you like (run from dp), keep advertisement active.
now create same hierarchy of collections in AD - distribution groups
bind collection to this distribution groups & keep query frequency accroding to your requirement. (also remember AD system group discovery should run @ same frequency to get Distribution group membership updated)
now whenever you want to advertise software for any system - just make system memer of appropriate distribution group in AD)
That's how it is I'm affraid.  As the other guys say, it's unusual that you would only ever want to distribute a piece of software to one machine.  We send software to one machine initially (are test PCs are in collections on their own,) if that works, change the Advert to point at a larger collection.

If you really only ever need this software on a single PC, just remote control it as it's going to be quicker.

If it's one machine for now, create a collection related to the software you are distributing and add PC to it as you go along.  
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