Dell Inspiron 1720 Hardware Problem

I have an Dell Inspiron 1720 and all at once several of its components stopped working.
If I go into Device Manager the following items all have exclamation points and seem to be failing.

Network adapters
Sound, video and game controllers
Universal serial bus adapters

The key is that they all seemed to have problems at the same time and the rest of the laptop is working perfectly (as far as I can tell).

I am running Windows 7.

Thank you,
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Try to visit Dell's website and update/download the devices showing issues.
Specifically, I would update my chipset driver first.
The first thing to try is to right-cklick each one and uninstall them.  Then, right-click the computer icon at the top of the Device Manager page and search for new items.  That should reinstall the devices.
According to the Dell website, there are no Win7 drivers for your laptop.  However, the Vista 32-bit drivers should work, unless you are running Win7 64-bit.  If the first thing I described above doesn't work, try this.
You can find the drivers here: 
Download the ones you need and run them.  See if they fix the problem.

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97WideGlideAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the suggestions but I am fairly sure that my issue is not related to the drivers.  To be sure, after reading your posts I did uninstall and reinstall the Vista 32 drivers to no avail.  Also, a point I left out was that I had this problem under Vista as well which was one of the reasons I gave Windows 7 a shot.

But the peripherals all went down at the same time.  Actually, after installing Windows 7 everything worked perfectly until I rebooted the machine and then upon startup almost everything went down.  
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You might want to consider getting a second drive, putting it in the laptop an installing Win7 on the virgin drive without Vista being there.  There were so many problems with Vista, and an upgrade often does not get rid of them, so they get carried forward.  

I won't upgrade my clients.  I always install new.
97WideGlideAuthor Commented:
Ha, that's exactly what I did already. :)  I did a fresh install on a completely new drive and also did a full format so there were no vestiges of Vista there.
Isn't all that stuff controlled/regulated by the southbridge?

Could the southbridge be on its way out?

I am asking because I am unsure and curious about whether it could be irregular like that.

if you can install the network driver, then i would suggest running windows update
97WideGlide -

WHEN did you do the rebuild?  Before posting the original question?  If so, the problem is either your hardware or the BIOS/chipset software.

If you did it late yesterday, is the problem resolved?
did you try to reset bios before ? if no 
then remove CMOS battery from Dell Inspiron 1720 and clear CMOS-bios setttings. run system with default settings.

97WideGlideAuthor Commented:

Here's the timeline of my issue

The laptop worked fine with Vista for 2 years
I installed Winidows 7 (complete new install) and it seemed to work fine
I went back to Vista (complete new install) because an application was not compatible with Win 7
The laptop worked fine again
After a few days all of the devices listed above failed.
I had Windows 7 professionally installed once again.
The technician also upgraded the BIOS from A07 to A09
The devices worked perfectly again until I rebooted the laptop and they all failed again.
I reset the BIOS to factory defaults
I tried to reinstall Vista 32 drivers for failing items

That's where I sit now...

nobus: I am unable to install the network driver
Splait: I did the rebuild before posting the question
Xtreminator: I will remove the CMOS battery this afternoon
did you check yet in the bios if they are enabled?   that could be the cause...
97WideGlideAuthor Commented:
nobus: Yes, absolutely, they are enabled.  And I'm fairly certain that the factory default setting is enabled.
lovely W7- i'm having weird problems with it too...
97WideGlideAuthor Commented:
Hi, I reinstalled Vista and the system has been running flawlessly for several days now.  I think that Win 7 is just not compatible with my Dell Inspiron 1720.

Thank you to everyone for taking an interest in my problem.
97WideGlideAuthor Commented:
Thanks again to everyone!
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