Windows Server 2003 Event Log Erros

I have a server thats is windows 2003 r2 x32 and i am getting some errors in the event viewer

Error #1: EventID 4319
A duplicate name has been detected on the TCP network, The IP address of the machine that sent the message is in the data

Error #2: EventID 4004 - DNS
The DNS server was unable to cpmplete directory service enumeration of zone

This is server is a domain controller and DNS server

Thanks for any advice

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adiloadiloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi , sorry just saw this reply. I can not know what is valid and what is not valid on your infrastrcuture . it is only you who can identify which conflicting . you can use getmac arp and nbtstat to detect the rogue pc or server . it is good to understand how they work .

check this step by step article on technet it will help you identify them :

Good luck
You have 2 machines on the network with the same name.  
tofitadminAuthor Commented:
Yes but how can i tell which ones they are - i have looked thru dns but no luck
try ping -a  IP address  also getmac to get mac addess of PC .

if nothing works , try  nbtstat –n at the command prompt and it’ll show you a conflicting workstation if there is one. use you adapter to detrmine which is is conflicting .

good luck
tofitadminAuthor Commented:
Not sure how to read this - could you help me out?

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