Comparison of CUE IVR & UCCX IVR?

Is there any documents from Cisco comparing CUE IVR and UCCX IVR, not only the capacity but also the features? Thanks. Please explain a little bit about their difference. My goal is the prompt can tell the customer their position in the phone calls queue. And at the time of office closing time, direct all calls to prompt playing office closing message. Can CUE do this?

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Hi there,

Fundamentally, UCCX performs the queuing functions where CUE does not. It also allows agents to log in and out of queues via agent desktop software and provides reporting.

You would be able to provide the 'office closed' message based on time of day, but certainly no queue or notification of position in a queue without UCCX.


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Not entirely correct.

Cisco CME does provide queuing and CUE IVR can deliver callers to these queues which are managed entirely by CME.

UCCX is really a big step up (in cost) so if you can do it with CME queues, this will be much cheaper.
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