VBS to delete file time in folder and sub folders

I'm looking to have a scheduled task that runs a VBS script (called from a bat file) that deletes PDF Files is a folder and it's sub folders. Thank you in advance for your help!!!!!
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If you are using a bat file why not to use a simple shell command? try this in the bat:

DEL C:\your_folder\*.pdf /S /Q /F
mystics7Author Commented:
this will also delete the pdfs from the sub folders?
mystics7Author Commented:
I also forgot to mention that this has to be done one files older than 30 days
Bill PrewCommented:
Why not just use this handy little free utility called DELAGE32


So a simple command like the following could do it for you:

delage32 c:\temp\*.pdf 31 /recurse

mystics7Author Commented:
here is the code if anyone needs it. This will delete specified files older than specified time and in subfolders
DIM strExtensionsToDelete,strFolder
DIM objFSO, MaxAge, IncludeSubFolders
' Folder to delete files
strFolder = "C:\Test"
' Delete files from sub-folders?
includeSubfolders = true
' A comma separated list of file extensions
' Files with extensions provided in the list below will be deleted
strExtensionsToDelete = "pdf"
' Max File Age (in Days).  Files older than this will be deleted.
maxAge = 30

' ************************************************************

set objFSO = createobject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

DeleteFiles strFolder,strExtensionsToDelete, maxAge, includeSubFolders

wscript.echo "Finished"

sub DeleteFiles(byval strDirectory,byval strExtensionsToDelete,byval maxAge,includeSubFolders)
	DIM objFolder, objSubFolder, objFile
	DIM strExt

	set objFolder = objFSO.GetFolder(strDirectory)
	for each objFile in objFolder.Files
		for each strExt in SPLIT(UCASE(strExtensionsToDelete),",")
			if RIGHT(UCASE(objFile.Path),LEN(strExt)+1) = "." & strExt then
				IF objFile.DateLastModified < (Now - MaxAge) THEN
					wscript.echo "Deleting:" & objFile.Path & " | " & objFile.DateLastModified 
					exit for
				END IF
			end if
	if includeSubFolders = true then ' Recursive delete
		for each objSubFolder in objFolder.SubFolders
			DeleteFiles objSubFolder.Path,strExtensionsToDelete,maxAge, includeSubFolders
	end if
end sub

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