All fax printers are inaccessable - xp client to 2008 server

Hi, I'm having some trouble getting a Windows 2008 server (64 bit system set to fax server role, and server name is "faxserver") to allow XP (both SP2 and SP3, all 32 bit) clients to use the fax printer on it.  Under the security tab of the Fax Printer, I have Administrators, CREATOR OWNER, SYSTEM, ANONYMOUS LOGON, Everyone, and Guest set all to be able to both Print and Manage (just until I get it working).  I've connected the fax printer on the XP clients by first installing the fax services in the Add/Remove Windows Components tool and then going to the \\faxserver and right clicking the 'Fax' printer and clicked connect. When I open the Fax Console on any of the XP clients, it just says "All fax printers are inaccessable" and if I dbl click that, it says faxserver - connection error.

Some more info:  I noticed the x64 is checked, but not the x86 under "Additional Drivers" in the sharing tab on the fax printer (looking into it from the server itself). I read somewhere on how to install the x86 drivers is to go onto \\faxserver from one of the XP clients, then into Printers and Faxes, and go into additional drivers under the sharing tab on the Fax, and try to add it there.  I tried this on 2 separate computers (that are on the same domain as the faxserver) and it just gave an error about not finding the driver and to contact my Administrator, no "copy files from:" or anything, just an ok button on the error, which I found strange because the other system drivers (that probably won't help me) gave the "copy files from.." dialog.  If I check the x86 box on the server I do get a "copy files from" dialog box, but I've tried pointing it to multiple locations (including windows\inf dir on an XP client, and some files I downloaded) and it just says the location does not contain the driver. Does anyone have any tips/troubleshooting methods to get this working?
Matt KendallTech / Business owner operatorAsked:
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Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
are you running a domain?  or is this a workgroup network?

Matt KendallTech / Business owner operatorAuthor Commented:
Matt KendallTech / Business owner operatorAuthor Commented:
I figured this out.  Windows 2008 Server is not very friendly to Windows XP workstations when it comes to running shared Fax.  I copied the drivers that are required to install Fax services from the XP workstation to the server.  Even if I got everything working fine on the workstations, as soon as I logged onto the workstation as a standard user, I was unable to fax.  I gave the users that needed to fax administrative rights on the server and then they were able to fax.  It's a real band-aid type solution but it seems like sometimes you need to do that when working with Server 2008 and XP workstations.

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