Windows 2003 Server - Services Hang at Startup

  I have a WIndows 2003 Standard Edition server with a very strange problem. Every time it boots services fail to start or hang stopping.

   At first I thought it might be Citrix. I found a Citrix service that hung starting so I disabled it. Then it was Preformance Logs and Alerts so I disable that. Then it was the Server service. It is like every time I disable a service to try and find the "problem" service something else fails to start.

   This can't be service specfic. It has to be something in general. Any ideas?
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subliferConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Services are interdependant.  Look at the dependency trees to see what is related.  

And rather than disabling services you should try to manually start (or restart) them.  If you have trouble starting them then follow the dependencies.  

e.g. what is the failing service dependent on? Is that (those) service(s) started?  Can they be restarted?  What services are those dependent on if they won't start?

That is how you find a failing service.

Also, network services start a good bit slower on servers than on PCs.  Many services don't wait for the network to have started before they try to start, even if they're dependent on the network.
Tiras25Connect With a Mentor Commented:
What security software are you running?

Have you tried booting to Safe Mode?
adiloadiloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
is this a dns server on a domain controller ?
jimbecherAuthor Commented:
No security software yet. It is a member server running Citrix.
can you list your event viewer errors  after the server boots up ?
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