FR_3085 2-th character is a null character, which is not allowed in a text input

I have a csv data file as Lookup source in Informatica mapping v8.6, workflow sometimes completley success running , but sometimes it gives error message:

FR_3085, 2-th character is a null character, which is not allowed in a text input

but the data in columns is no null value,-- I only lookup 1 column

like this 6001234

it seems Informtica "bug"

can anybody fix it out for me ?

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Are you sure there is no such character? It is visible in hex editor only. Could you post such file sample?
SayYou_SayMeAuthor Commented:
reading carefluy the seesion log, found that before the failed session, there no more space to create cache file, the update and insert row amount are not correct, (--in the mapping, lookup the csv file target , using Update Strategy to insert or update into target.  ) for example, target has 10000 rows (just loaded, so the source and the target are the same records) , no news record comming , but the session log shows, insert 6702 update 3298 ---it is not correct, it should be update 10000, insert 0

when i run it again, the session fail. it shows FR_3085, 2-th character is a null character, which is not allowed in a text input
when check the target data file, it is 0 rows

when run it again, it can competley success, show insert 10000, update 0

in the Look up transformation , lookup index cache size and data cachesize are Auto

my question is : how much should is the Index Cache and Data Cache size? is Auto ok?

This really seems to be Informatica issue. If the log shows inserts which should not happen then it means the previous batch was processed incorrectly (maybe due to the cache problem) but it did not fail for some reason... Successive error message is just a result of the previous unstable state.

So, try to set the cache size let say tripple of the CSV file size and you'll see. Better solution is to wait for Informatica expert opinion, of course.
SayYou_SayMeAuthor Commented:
I already set up DTM Buffer Size = Auto  in Properties

2. In the Config Object tab make the followingchanges:

o Set defalut  Buffer Block Size = Auto

o Set Line Sequential buffer length = 20480000

o Set Maximum Memory Allowed For Auto Memory Attributes = 2048MB

o Set Maximum Percentage of Total Memory Allowed For Auto Memory Attributes = 10
Additional Concurrent Pinelines for  Lookup cache Creation= Auto

Lookup transformation set lookup data cache =Auto
                                                      index cache =Auto

it still somtimes is correct, and then insert and update not correct --> fialed --->correct again ....

hope Informatica expert help me out !

SayYou_SayMeAuthor Commented:
the best solution is do not use flat file as look up source

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