Parse URL with VBScript

I have a URL such as on my Windows server.
I would like to parse out the "Bob" and "Jones" separately so I can use them on a web page.
How can I accomplish this?
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url =

array = split(url,".com/")

This will give you a 2 dimention array

WordArray = Split(array(2), ".")
will give you
wordarray(0) = Bob
wordarray(1) = Jones
dumalooAuthor Commented:
Thanks rg20. So how do I actually write out the values to the web page with vbscript?
dumalooAuthor Commented:
So in the browser address bar, I have the following:

My vbscript code is as follows:

myURL = Request.ServerVariables("Query_String")
myURL = UCase(Mid(myURL, InStrRev(myURL, "/") + 1, Len(myURL)))
response.write myNewURL ---->> returns

The array should return "Bob" and "Jones" separately. How can I write these two different values to the page?
The code errors out when I include the array stuff above.

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ok you have bob and jonnes in myURL
myArray = split(myURL,".")

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dumalooAuthor Commented:
Works now! Thanks
You should accept an answer and not just close the question, I done this on accident a few times
dumalooAuthor Commented:
This helped me arrive at the final solution.
Just curious what were you trying to write out, if they were attached to the URL, and you were spllitting them from the URL, how did it help you get to only a partial answer?
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